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Development of Urban Green Spaces to Improve the Quality of Life in Cities and Urban Regions

Part 2 - Tool Box PART 2 - TOOLBOX
Part 3  -  Additionals PART 3 - SUPPLEMENT






The Manual "MAKING GREENER CITIES" provides a range of information:

  • Part 1 Booklet – contains the whole printed part of the manual in an electronic form
  • Part 2 Toolbox – provides the templates and additional documents which allow the easy application of the tools developed
  • Part 3 Supplement – gives additional information concerning the URGE-Project.
The menu bar and the information parts are in the English language, some documents (especially the instruments in Part 2 – Toolbox) are additionally provided in the languages of German, Hungarian and Italian. You can find the documents under the respective national flags.

The documents to be downloaded are provided as pdf-files.

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URGE is a research project of Key Action 4 "City of Tomorrow & Cultural Heritage" of the programme "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" within the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Union

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